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DisCons (Disorder Conservation) is an online tool for quantitatively investigating the conservation of protein disorder on the amino acid level, and for classifying each residue based on the combined conservation scores of the sequence and of the disorder propensity. Disordered residues may fall into one of three categories, i.) constrained, if the amino acid and the disorder propensity are both conserved; ii.) flexible, if only the disorder propensity is conserved; and iii.) non-conserved, if neither the amino acid sequence nor the disorder propensity is conserved [ref]. These categories may indicate if a disordered segment is functionally important and might also give pointers regarding the function, e.g. flexible disordered regions are often associated with multifuncion regions involved in binding and post-translational modifications.

Note: Calculating from a user-supplied multiple alignment is faster than starting from a single sequence.